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Loose Lips


Outta tunes, inc.

THE GOODHung Up On Pop is definitely in the Power Pop genre, a throwback to the retro Power Pop of 70's & 80's, a time when some folks feel like it was the only true period of Power Pop Rock. It's not a surprise since although the CD was just released this year, the original songs debuted in 1980. Definitely reminiscent of The Knack, The Romantics and other Power Pop bands that straddle the sound that mixed 80's rock traction with Power Pop engines. 

THE BADThere's not much bad here at all. My two biggest complaints are that it's only a 4 song EP, and why did it take 40 years to finally come out on CD? The album cover is very creepy and doesn't reflect the mood of the music inside. (Though there's a song called Suicide Dance, so take it for what you will).

THE OtheRThe drummer is the lovely Gary Richie. All four members (Richiee Mayer, Jeff King, Dan Welsh and Gary Richie all share vocal credits). All CD proceeds benefit Pets Lifeline, a no-kill dog and cat shelter. 

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