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rapid reviews

In an age where there's more albums to review than there's time in the day, Hop On Power Pop needed to figure out a way to include more album reviews in a more thrifty manner.

Our solution: RAPID REVIEWS

RAPID REVIEWS are super fast album reviews that get right down to the nitty, gritty details of a release. The GOOD, THE BAD & THE OTHER.


In our RAPID REVIEWS we will cover:

THE GOOD: Positive aspects of the album, things we liked and think you will also like. The points that make this an album to add to your collection.

THE BAD: Things we didn't like, things we felt could be improved or simply things that didn't fit into our version of Power Pop. If there's nothing we didn't like about this album under review, we will write "Nothing bad here folks!"

THE OTHER: Everything else that we wanted to mention. Maybe we explain the BAD points here. Maybe it's important to note that this album was recorded under duress, with limited budget, etc., and we wanted to explain that here. Or THE OTHER could just be fun facts we wanted to share with you about this album.

OUR HOPE is that we can cover more albums with RAPID REVIEWS. Hop On Power Pop gets a lot of inquiries and this is an attempt to include more of these asks into our playground. And if we really love an album, it may get BOTH a RAPID REVIEW and A STANDARD FULL ALBUM REVIEW. (But not many will make that cut!)

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