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It's a site dedicated to the music of Power Pop, and just the music of Power Pop.

This means, that we won't focus on music that's related to Power Pop music: NO garage rock, new wave, disco, shoegaze, hard core punk...etc. 


But, we will focus on music that is a blend -aka- "slash" of Power Pop, such as a song that's Power Pop with slight country influences, Power Pop/Country or Power Pop/Punk flavoring.

And it won't just be music from the Hey Day Era of Power Pop (1976 - 1981). Nope, that's too limiting. 

HOP ON POWER POP will focus on ANY SONG from ANY ERA that is mostly POWER POP!  Even if a band like The Foo Fighters put out one Power Pop song (Example:" Big Me") then we might feature it. 


Let's agree that 10 people could define Power Pop in 10 different ways. 

Please No Fighting !

Power Pop shouldn't make you fight, it should make you forget about all your worries and troubles of the day. That's it's POWER! As for it's POP well that's the delicious music you'll be humming long after you've heard that catchy song.

And you might even get some music history along the way...

Keep on Power Popping!

Nadja Dee

Purveyor of Power Pop 

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